ROTC Army initiates clean-up drive at Kalipayan Campus

by Dave Anthony Sedon

Upon the request of Msgr. Policarpio John A. Luza, the Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Army conducted the first clean-up drive at Kalipayan Campus formerly the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Learning Center, a property owned by CPC located at Punta Tabuc, Roxas City, June 15.

30 aspirants together with their officers and their newly chosen Corps Commander Jo Michelle Andrade participated in cleaning the classrooms, stage and the grass area outside the new campus.

As the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Director Romeo Dela Cruz said, “Guin amat-amatan namon para mag limpyo man ang palibot paagi sa bulig sang mga aspirants”.  The clean-up drive served as the first activity of the aspirants in preparation for their Tactical Inspection.

Author: Ivy Lopez

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