Staff attend Gen Assembly conducted by admin

by Dave Anthony Sedon

Headed by the College Rector Very Rev. Msgr. Policarpio John A. Luza, school Administrators and staff joined the annual General Assembly to discuss important matters regarding the school, improvements, changes and plans for the school year.

Mr. Mabini Bahido, College Registrar announced a 3.13% increase in enrollees for the tertiary level this year, with a 54% increase coming from the College of Maritime Education, now the department with the biggest population in the tertiary level.

Good News! Salary increase!” exclaimed Rev. Fr. John Alston Azarcon, Human Resource Department Officer (HRDO), as he announced the 15% increase in salary for faculty and staff.

Furthermore, the administration also talked about the 15% increase in tuition across all levels from grade school to the tertiary level.

Likewise, the newly acquired campus at Kalipayan in Punta Tabuc was also announced.

Lastly newly hired school staff were again presented in the event together with newly appointed deans and department heads.

The General Assembly was held at the Audio Visual Room (AVR), Arnaldo Blvd. Campus.

Author: Ivy Lopez

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