When Learning means more

by Ivy Lopez

A state bound by laws. An organization shaped by rules. A book comprised of procedures. A society fed by standards. When do we belong? How do we belong?

A school is like a corporation with investments coming from its shareholders with the intention of gaining profits as they render services.   Students are some of its shareholders.

The school invests knowledge and opportunities for skills development to gain profits and attract shareholders–students.  On the other hand, students invest money with the intention of gaining knowledge and skills while enjoying their rights to take part in every decision the board of directors and members of the administration have to make.

And the business? It grows each day gaining profits used for the improvement of the school’s facilities to satisfy the needs of students for an ideal venue of learning.

The main business of an educational institution, a school is… no surprise… education.  We know we have acquired education when we are able to use our knowledge and skills in everyday problems that require us to create solutions.   We know we are provided with good education when are constantly able to take part in decision-making opportunities particularly in matters that concern us.

Making decisions require us to think critically and responsibly. We analyze the ‘pros and cons’ and weigh what is best for everyone.  It awakens in us a sense of accountability for our actions and responsibility, not only for ourselves, but for other people.

In short, educating students means making us ready to become productive and responsible citizens of our country.

As students and stakeholders of the school, isn’t it only fair for our voice to be heard? For our suggestions to be catered and our decisions to be acknowledged in concerns that affect us?

I urge the administration to give the students the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process.  Help us grow to become, not only people who are used to following what people in authority say.  Instead, help us to become critical thinkers, able to reason and decide on the best course of action for our lives and those of other people.

I urge students to learn how to voice out ideas and concerns, not to create havoc, but to encourage meaningful conversation and active participation in the matters that concern us and our school. After all, who will become affected in the end? All of us.

As you can see, the school, the administration and the students are all connected, linked in every angle to form a great web, working towards our goals of education.  However, this web cannot work with a missing link, can it?

We have to know when to stand when we are right and when to say it’s over when we are badly choked, because only then can we really say that we have become REAL STUDENTS anchored on logic and ethics that the school has taught us.


Author: Ivy Lopez

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