Purisima gathers collegiate alumni

by Dave Anthony Sedon

The office of Alumni Affairs held the 2nd Collegiate Alumni Homecoming last Dec. 28, 2013 hoping to bring together the school’s graduates towards solidarity.

Held at the San Lorenzo Riuz Event Center, CPC Arnaldo Blvd. Campus, the homecoming aims to trace, coordinate and seek help from the graduates in improving CPC towards the  realization of its mission and vision.

The Alumni Affairs also organized the event to show its appreciation for the latest board passers from various departments such as the new Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, LET passers, new Criminologists and new lawyers of the current year.

“In terms of quantity it needs improvement sa attendance, however it was our first move, because of that we are hoping that in the succeeding years, more alumni will know that there is a Collegiate Homecoming.” said Prof. Maritess Azarce the new campus Alumni Affairs coordinator replacing Mrs. Lilibeth Olarte.

In addition, the coordinator also said that they are aiming to build Alumni Hall as one of their future projects

Author: Dave Anthony Sedon

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