An Abundance of Hypocrites

by Dave Anthony Sedon

Why do we need to use schemes to hide our feelings and who we truly are?

“Peace be with you!” these are the words that we usually hear when we attend the mass. But do any of us understand this phrase? Some of us think that “going to church” every Sunday could absolve us from our sins and save us from the fires of hell.  The answer is no.  Even if you go to church every Sunday but afterwards intend to “make stories”, destroying the reputation of a person after, it’s as if you’ve defeated your purpose of going to church in the first place.

There is a clear line between those people who really are pious than those who are hypocrites.

Hypocrisy is the act of being a fraud.  You show people the side of you which is not real at all.  In short, people who are hypocrites are “fake”, using their spirituality to cover their true identity from view.   In some instances, sometimes, our hypocrisy is accidental. because we fail to notice that what we say is different from what we do.

It would be a shame for us to cover ourselves using our religiosity.   It is as though we are using God for our acting career to show to other people.

Why do we need to be this way with other people?  Why can’t we just be honest to others?

For example, if we are angry at someone, why can’t we tell them what we dislike about them?  Why do we need to act as though we are so religious when we cannot be good enough with other people? What would be the meaning of our being a Christian when deep within ourselves we are hypocrites?”

Author: Dave Anthony Sedon

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  1. such a greenhorn point of views . Do you have more matured editor their? Your spirituality is quite disturbing well especially when you said “ACCIDENTAL HYPOCRISY. Pasensya ka na hindi ito constructive criticism you WANT THE TRUTH RIGHT? Not the hypocrisy kind of opinions?…I think you can replace the accidental hypocrisy to INCONSISTENCY…

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