Maybe it’s none of your business

This post, though not dedicated to everybody, serves
to make a small but important point regarding a
personal issue.

I would just like to remind people. What is good to
you may not necessarily be good to and for me. A small
issue according to you may not be as unimportant to me.
Though people are created in the image and likeness
of God, people are DIFFERENT from each other, SINNERS
of many but different things. CAPABLE OF HURTING
and OF BEING HURT. As they say, “Physical wounds
heal but emotional wounds scar for a lifetime”.

People mistakenly think that a strong and brave heart
does not have weaknesses or inhibitions. Wrong. A
person who appears devoid of fear and hurt is not
necessarily stronger and braver than the rest.

People undervalue the problems of others compared to
the weight of theirs. But how do you even begin to
judge the degree to which a person should or should
not value a problem? Different problems, different
situations, different persons. If you comment on
one’s problem only to say it is not a “big problem”,
you should probably just stay out of it in the
first place.

People think they DO MORE than what others do, FEEL
more than what others can, GIVE more than what others
have. When you are hurt, definitely others also are.
When you love, surely others also love. And when
you give, that is not enough to think others give less.

PRIDE is not the issue. SORRY is not the BEST

A wound in the heart can only be healed by an appropriate
antidote of communication.

Never say you are the only one trying to fix things.
You might want to give others the benefit of the doubt.
They might have been trying even before you’ve started
only to be stopped by your response.

If you slice a heart only to put a bandage after,
what good is it when you could have killed the heart
in the first place?

Don’t make the mistake of bringing other people into your problem with one person. Don’t play up the victim role. Solve the problem WITH the person you have a problem with. Again. Communicate.

A final reminder–If you can’t talk to people and
feel what they feel, appreciate its value, don’t
even bother at all.

Author: Ivy Lopez

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  1. patawa ang article na ito wala bang matured na Editor-in-Chief dyan? Yung katarayan, immaturity and choice of words Kampeon….ambot sa langaw! ang take note parang ang NEGA ng Title at ang message itself….ambot liwat ngaman guin basa ko pa ini man haha…

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