500 voices take over plaza with folksongs and drama

by Christian Roy C. Cuadernal, Ronnelyn B. Parohinog, Mary Therese A. Encina

Eight singing groups (283 singers) from all over Capiz together with the cast of Kurubingbing, Kurubawbaw: A Children’s Operetta (62 performers) and elementary students (155) from President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School (PMRMS) North, South and Special Education (SpEd) departments joined together as they gave off a superb concert, garnering praises from the audience who crowded the Roxas City Plaza Bandstand on the evening of April 10.

Prior to the musical concert, viewers listened to a Panghawan-Hawan chant and poem-interpretation (binalaybay).  In turn, the Pilar Rondalla group, conducted by Mr. Daniel Demafeliz played Leron Leron Sinta, Pamuliwan Sitsiritsit Medley, Mamalagkaw and Paraluman, signaling the beginning of the musical show.

The Balijuagan National High School Coro Grande, conducted by Dr. Leofelle Marcoso, sang Banag, a witty and humorous Hiligaynon folksong; Bilong-Bilong, to pay homage to Capiz’s marine life; Alibangbang; Si Inday, an Akeanon song dedicated to their maidens and Sa Ciudad ni Roxas, a song of praise and revelry to rejoice the city’s splendor.

Conducted by Mr. Jonathan Alayon, a faculty of Tanque National High School, the Sinadya Chorale performed Ili-Ili Tulog Anay; Pasigin, a song about the life of fishers; Lumabay-labay Nga Daw Aso, a song of metaphor relating smoke to the impermanence of life and Dandansoy, a popular farewell song.

The Capiz Divison (CAPDIV) Choresters showcased their talents through Pin Pin de Serapin, a popular kid’s song; the sad song about love and dreaming, Usahay; and Paghigugma, a song composed by their conductress Mrs. Dorislyn Bellosillo.  Their soloist, Gereberne Lozada, reaped praises through the classical songs Ay Ay Kalisud which is a Hiligaynon song popularized by a Capizeño singer Jovita Fuentes, and Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran, a song about a man professing love.

The Children of Mary choir, in collaboration with the Crafters Glee Club, sang the medley, Ang Pinalangga Ko Na Ginikanan and the folksongs Dundunay, Tamilok and Condansoy. The latter is a song about a boy who refuses to drink coconut wine (tuba). Their conductress was Mrs. Sarah Brillo, a member of the Sinadya Chorale.

Being the only group to have sung in a capella, Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion’s Grand Chorale performed three songs: Salidumay, an indigenous folksong originally from the Cordillera Mountains, north of the country; Rosas Pandan which tells about the bounty of life and Kruhay, a song from Antique to venerate the heritage of the Panay Island. Mr. Robin Carl Daynolo, a third-year student of the college conducted the said group.

Two campuses of the Capiz State University also took part in the concert. The Pontevedra Campus Choir performed with a dance from the National Artists Levi Celerio and Ambrosio del Rosario’s Kalesa. They also sang Arikindingkinding and Banwa Puluy-an, a song composed by their conductress, Mrs. Robylin Bermil.

The CapSU Main Campus Choir, conducted by Mrs. Vivian Apuang, the former conductress of CPC Grand Chorale, sang the last folksongs titled, Sa Diin Ka Nanay, a folksong composed by the former District Superintendent of the Capiz Division, Dr. Jesse M. Gomez, CESO V; Luha to interpret Capizeño as passionate lovers; Oyang, an Akeanon song of joy, and Sitsiritsit Alibangbang.

To conclude the concert, 500 singers and drama artists gathered together to sing the Capiz Hymn with glowing sticks. The event ended with a few minutes of fireworks display, which began just in time when the rain fell.

Author: Christian Roy Cuadernal

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